Monday, February 18, 2008

World Famous 100 Islands

You can make one of the most exiting excursions of your life to the province’s most popular international holiday place – the Hundred Islands off the coast of Alaminos, town. This is a 1,844 hectare Philippine national park composed of over 400 islets of setting of several movie and television production.

The Islands are of hard solid granite covered with trees and shrubs. The whole area is rich in underwater Life like corals, fish of different species and colors and pearls.

The water around the islands are crystal clear. Very ideal for skin diving, swimming and fishing. You can easily hop from island to island on a rented motor banca. Accommodations on the part are not yet, sufficient for big groups. It is advisable to stay in any of the four big hotels in Dagupan City, 60 kilometers away.

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