Monday, February 18, 2008

Mangatarem Church

A barrio of San Carlos in its beginnings, Mangatarem flourished largely with the Ilocanos who flocked to the place, attracted by its good terrain which is very conducive for raising palay . In 1827 when it was established a “visita” of San Carlos, .the town had already 19 cabecerias. In 1835, it was separated as an independent town from San Carlos. The Dominicans accepted Mangatarem a former “visita”of San Carlos as a vacariate under the patronage of St. Raymond of Penafort, in 1837. Its firdt vicar was Fr. Joaquin Perez who stayed until 1844. Before Fr. Perez,however, there were other priest who served in Mangatarem, among them was Fr. Benito Focuberta, who administered the parish as a vicar ad interim during the whole year of 1834.

The first church of the town was constructed under the supervision of Fr. Perez. It was burned in 1962. In 1851 began the construction of two remarkable towers started since Fr. Manzano and was continued by his successors, the last one of them Fr. Vicente Iztegui (1875-1884). The work was never completed. The first convent of the town was constructed by Fr. Perez in 1841. The construction of the actual convent was began by Fr. Iztegui.

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