Monday, February 18, 2008

San Nicolas Church

The Dominicans accepted the administration of the “visita” of San Nicolas with Tayug in 1841, the “visita” of San Nicolas was separated from Tayug, with Father Jose Manso as the first parish priest.

The small church and the convent built by Fr. Jose Manso were improved by Fr. Juan Gutierrez and Fr. Ramon Suarez. The church, the convent and the town were burned in 1864. Another church with wooden walls and iron roofing was also burned in 1898.

The construction of the convent of masonry was started by Fr. Jose Cienfuegos and completed by Father Ravuelta. But this, together with the tribunal and primary schools set up by Fr. Calle, were burned, by the revolutionaries in 1898. After the revolution, however, the church and the convent were provisionally retored

The old church and the rectory were burned on January 26, 1944 by incendiary bombs dropped by American planes. The parish priest, then Fr. Jose Valdez and his successor, Fr.Antonio Salindong, built an used a semi-permanent church building. The construction of the actual church was started with the help of the faithful by Fr. Ulpiano Catungal in May, 1958. He also started the construction of the new rectory.

The new church was consecrated by Archbishop Mariano Madriaga on October 31, 1970.

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