Monday, February 18, 2008

Alcala Church

The town of Alcala was originally one of the biggest sitios of Bayambang. It was separated civilly from its mother, Bayambang, by the Royal Decree No. 682 of the Spanish Government dated September 20, 1875. It was comprised by the barrios of Dangla, Namalutan, Ba-ong, Baguiyao, Cupi, Bacud and Bitulao. It was first called “Dabgla”, a vernacular name of a medicinal shrub, which was then in abundance in the locality. This name was changed, however, into Alcala in honor of the then incumbent Spanish Governor of Pangasinan who was a native of Alcala, Spain.

Alcala was ceated as an independent parish by another Royal Decree of the Spanish Government dated January 4, 1881, and was given the name, Parish of the Holy Cross. The Dominicans accepted it as a House of the Order on November of 1881 and made Rev. Fr. Eduardo Saamaniego, O.P., the first parish priest on February 21, 1882.

Fr. Samaniego started the construction of the convent. Fr. Revilla continued it, and Fr. Casamitjana finished it. This same Parish priest placed the foundation of the first parish church and his successor completed it. The first church was destroyed.

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