Monday, February 18, 2008

Urbiztondo Church

The creation of the town named after Governor General Antonio Urbiztondo of Villasis, was due to the efforts of Father Ramon Dalmau, parish priest of San Carlos. It was canonically erected and separated from San Carlos around the year 1853 or 1854. The Dominicans accepted Urbiztondo as vicariate in 1855 assigning Father P. Treserra as its first vicar, although Father Treserra was already in the town as early as November 28, 1853.

When Father Treserra was transferred from Urbiztondo in 1861, the town already had a church, a tribunal and convent- all made of bricks. And the plaza and the streets in the poblacion were already traced. Father Treserra was also responsible for relocating the town to the place where Father Dalmau founded the town was a low terrain and was often flooded.

The parish convent was mysteriously burned down in 1947. The old church building was condemned due to the weakness of its framework. It was replaced by a new structure by the late Father Domingo Frias.

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