Monday, February 18, 2008

Rosales Church

The present town of Rosales, with the ancient name if Pinac-aban was erected as a town by decree of the Governor General on March 16, 1852. The name Rosales was given to the town in honor of Capt. Herminio Rosaleszzz for his true and efficient leadership in the community. During the Spanish regime the Parish was under the jurisdiction of the Archbishop of Manila, and a vicar of a district of his archdiocese resided in the town.

At the outbreak of the Revolution in 1896, the church and the convent of the town were completely burned, and religious functions in the town became irregular. By a decree of the Archbishop of Manila dated February 27, 1915, religious functions in the town were restored. The substitute for the burned church Fr. Nicasio Mabante built a modest church and a small convent where he could reside. Meanwhile, after religious functions were interrupted from 1896 to 1915, many of the town’s inhabitants become Aglipayans. It is said that in the early months of 1915, the Mot Holy sacrament as kept n the house of the prominent family of Don Angel pine.

The construction of the present church was begun by Fr. Lazaro de Guzman in 1949.

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