Monday, February 18, 2008

Dagupan City Cathedral

The Augustinians had change of the spiritual administration of this town from 1590 to 1613. Formerly known as Bagnotan, it was accepted as vicariate by the Dominican Provincial Chapter of 1614, under the patronage of St. John the vangelist, and assigning Father Kuis Huete, as the first Dominican pastor. Up to 1643, the town was annexed to Calasiao. The town began to be called Dagupan since 1720.

An early church and a convent were burned in 1660 when Andres Malong’s men razed the ton. The Rev. Pedro de Rama rebuilt the church in 1816. In 1895, the Rev. Vicente Iztegui rebuilt the fa├žade that the earthquake of March 16, 1892, had destroyed. The construction of the old convent which is the present Bishop’s residence was begun and completed by father Gregorio Paz. In 1891, a famous College was established in the town by the Dominicans under the patronage of St. Albert the Great.The Massive building was, as everybody knows, washed out by floods in 1936. The church was further repaired and improved by Msgr. Evaristo Soriano in 1936.

The construction of the new present church was begun under Msgr. Mariano Madriaga and was eventually finished under Msgr. Federico Limon,SVD,DD. It was consecrated on 27 December 1974.

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