Monday, February 18, 2008

San Jacinto Church

The account of Father Diego Aduarte implies that San Jacinto existed as a town as early as 1598. This is confirmed by what the Dominican capitular acts 1604 state and this is: that the Ilocanos who did not wish to return to their towns formed their community in San Jacinto.

From 1699, the town began to have a resident vicar although now and then it was annexed either to Manaoag or Mangaldan. In 1598, the town had already a church. In 1653, a new brick church was constructed but was burned in 1719. In 1721, the construction of another church was started. It was finished in 1731 when the first Mass was said in it. The facade of this beautiful church cracked during an earthquake in 1848. During the stronger tremors of 1892, both the church and the tower collapsed.

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