Monday, February 18, 2008

Sual Church

On May 20, 1805, Governor General Rafael Maria Aguilar issued a decree, creating Sual as a civil town, independent from San Isidro until 1837 when, at the efforts of P.Gabriel Perez, it was declared as an independent parish under the patronage of San Pedro Martir by the Dominican Provincial Chapter of that year. Fr. Perez was appointed the pastor of the new vicariate which was definitely transferred from Labrador to Sual in July, 1835.

The construction of the first church of Sual was completed by Fr. P. Villanueva between 1847 and 1848. The construction of the second church was begun under the term of Fr. Felix Casas in 1883. By order of the Bishop the work was suspended but in 1891, it was resumed by Father Eugenie Minguez and was consecrated on June 8, 1893.

The present church is the third to be built in the town. It was destroyed by bombing during the Liberation in 1945.

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