Monday, February 18, 2008

Urdaneta Church

This town one of the biggest in the province, was founded on January 8, 1858. It was accepted by the Dominicans as a parish in 1863. The first pastor of the town was Fr. Nicolas Manrique Alonzo. Before that, the parish had been administered by the parish priest of Binalonan. The town was form by the barrios of Bactad, taken from Asingan; Nancamaliran, taken from Santa Barbara, and Cayambanan, Mitura and the neighboring barrios, taken from Mangaldan.

It was Fr. Manrique who made and executed the plans of the town. He transferred and old camarin which used to serve as the house of worship to the site where the first church of the town was later built.

The construction of the old church was started by Fr. Rafael Cano on March 4, 1884. When finished, it was 77.10 meters long and 23.30 meters wide and had three naves. It was, however, destroyed by the American bombings in January, 1945.

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