Monday, February 18, 2008

San Manuel Church

Hitory states that the town site of San Manuel was originally established in Pao (now the sitio of Bato) a barrio of the town in the year1614. The first church was built in Pao in 1688. In 1720, the church in Pao was burned so that the people went to Sinapug, the first name of the town of Asingan, for their religious services.

In 1860, San Manuel of today was established at its present site. It was accepted as a House of the Dominican Order in 1878, by a Royal Decree dated July 6, 1878, San Manuel was made an independent parish from Asingan.

The first “ermita” of the town was erected with the help of the faithful by Fr. Bonifacio Provanza, the first pastor of the town. The foundations of a concrete church building were laid by the same pastor in 1882, with a cruciform. The work on the church of masonry was continued by Fr. Jose Ma. Puente. The church, inaugurated on October 1, 1894, was destroyed by a powerful whirlwind on the same day. Fr, Fuente began the construction of another church but this together with the convent, was burned by the revolutionaries in 1898. Fr. Probanza who lived for six months in the house of a resident of the town built small convent. The old church of San Manuel measured 100 meter long and 20 meters wide.

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