Monday, February 18, 2008

Manaoag Church

This town, once a visita of Lingayen, owes its beginnings from the zeal of the Augustinians. Here in 1600, some children were baptized and a chapel was erected (on the site of the actual cemetery) under the patronage of Santa Monica. Five years later, due to lack of personnel and the great difficulties of the Minister of Doctrine who had to go back and forth from Lingayen, the Augustinians handed the mission to Sr. Diego de Soria , then bishop of Nueva Segovia of which Pangasinan formed a part. In 1608 the bishop in turn turned over the mission to the Dominicans residing in Mangaldan and placed it under the patronage of our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary. The Dominicans Provincial Chaptere of 1601 established Manaoag as an independent parish assigning the first pastor of the town, V.P. Tomas Gutierrez.This was after Fr. Juan de San Jacinto had resettled the natives of the placed.

The church of Manaoag is a sanctuary frequented by countless people from Pangasinan and from the neighboring provinces on account of the prodigious image of the Lady of the Rosary. This beautiful and solid image was made at the expense of Capitan D. Gaspar Gamboa, a tertiary of the Dominican Order who donated it to the Domincan Province. The church was built in 1912. It measures 89 meters long and 13.65 meters wide. The cruciform bult in 1932 in 53.50 meters long and 15.10 meters wide.

The Domini ans took possession of the Parish admutum Santa Sedis on January 20, 1926.

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