Monday, February 18, 2008

Bugallon Church

This is the name of the new town which replaced the old town of Salasa. It was named Bugallon in honor of General Jose Torres Bugallon who was a native of Salasa. Salasa enjoyed being the seat of the municipal government until year 1916 when by resolution of the municipal council approved by the Provincial Board, the town site was transferred Andrew was later barrio Anagao, the present seat of the town where a church dedicated to St.

The parish of Bugallon was established in 1920. The construction of the church was started by Father Benjamin Ilarduya of the Capuchin Order and continued by his successor Father Hipolito Azeutia, also of the same Order. Father Fidel Lekamania, put up the present convent. Further improvement of the church was done by the late Father Pedro V. Sison.

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