Monday, February 18, 2008

Sison Church

This town originally known as Alava formerly formed a part of San Fabian. It was in fact a hacienda of a certain Spaniard named D. Antonio Bravo, who was a resident of San Fabian. Although this haciendero was forced to abandon his plantations, his farmers mained in the place. Together with some from Ilocos, La Union and San Fabian who came to settle with them, they formed the first community of Alava.

At the petition of the inhbitants, Governor General Jose de Granada granted the license in 1898 to erect the town of Alava, inependent from San Fabian. After the town’s erection, 13 cabezas de barangay from San Fabian moved to Alava and together with the three cabecers of the town formed the principalia of Alava.

From its foundation, Alava has no resident priest. It was administered by the assistant priest of San Fabian. On November 20, 1896, a Royal Decree created Alava as a parish and appointed Fr. Buitrago as its first pastor.

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Anonymous said...

The governor-general during 1898 was Primo de Rivera, not someone whose name was Granada.

Your post contains information not shared by others over the net. May we know the sources from which you got these info? From what source did you get the name of the first parish priest? Thanks!