Monday, February 18, 2008

Asingan Church

Asingan, whose Titular and Patron Saint is St. Louis Bertrand, O.P., and whose former name was SINNAPOG, was founded in 1669. However, the town began having its resident pastor and parish priest only in 1698, the Reverend Father Fernando de Santa Maria, O.P. He is known as the author of a popular booklet entitled “Medicinas Caseras”.

The first inhabitants of Asingan were pure Pangasinenses. By 1830, however, Ilocanos from Ilocos Norte and Sur began migrating to Asingan so much so that today Asingan is predominantly an Ilocano town.

In 1763, Asingan received from the Spanish Governor General the titles of “Villa Real” and “Villa Muy Leal”, for her loyalty to Spain, the town having been the refuge of the Spaniards of Pangasinan during the revolt of Palaris.In fact, he town’s forces, led by the Captain or townhead met and defeated the invading armed men of Palaris at Bactad, then a barrio belonging to Asingan, now of Urdaneta.

From 1698 to 1898 there were 61 parish priest belonging to the Domincan Order who served the parish. From 1818 to 1834 the parish was administered by diocesan priest.

The construction of the present church edifice and parish rectory was begun by Father Jorge Arjol, O.P., who was pastor from 1874 to 1886. The work was continued by Father Feciano Martin and finished by Father Blas Pastor, the last Dominican parish priest. Unfortunately, the parish rectory was burned in 1898 during the Katipunan Recvolution.

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