Monday, February 18, 2008

Sunny and Sunday Beaches

Be here on May 1st and take part in the people’s whole day summer sea festival Pista’y Dayat where tens of thousand of people literally fight for every available space and shade on the 5 kilometer-long beaches of romantic Lingayen town and urban Dagupan City.

But you can come at anytime to any of Pangasinan’s Sunday beaches which are among the picturesque and finest in the Philippines from Dasol Bay in the far west to White Beach up north in San Fabian town more than 100 kilometers long, along historic Lingayen Gulf where Gen. Mac Arthur’s army landed in 1945 to retake the Northern Philippines from the Japanese.

Other places of interest are the legendary Manaoag Church, Sual fishing grounds, the Umbrella rocks of Agno, sunken Spanish Galleons off Cape Bolinao, the tree houses of Binalonan, the woodcarvers of Sison and other naturally beautiful places that away your “discovery”.

What are you waiting for? Pack up and go, Like, right now.

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