Monday, February 18, 2008

Lingayen Co-Cathedral

The Dominican Provincial Chapter of 1614 accepted this town together with its “visita”, Bagnotan (Dagupan), under the patronage of the Three Kings, after the Augustinians ceded these missions to the Dominican Order in the Preceding year. In 1616, the town was given its first pastor in the person of Father Juan Martinez with Fathers Juan de San Jacinto, Pedro Vasquez and Antonio de San Vicente as his assistant.

Records show that it was the natives of Lingayen themselves who petitioned Archbishop Miguel de Benavides while making a visit in Binmaley that the spiritual care of their town be entrusted to the Dominicans. Since 1575, the Augustinians were already in Lingayen having accompanied the military expedition under Juan Salcedo in pursuit of Limahong.

The old church of Lingayen used to be the best in the province, perhaps in the whole northern Luzon. The dome was the work of famous Father Miguel Aparicio (1862-1834). Like many churches in Pangasinan, the church and the convent of Lingayen were damaged by bombings in 1945.

Lingayen has always been the capital of the province and had been the residence of the Alcalde Mayor. It was the first citadel that the Spaniards established in the province. In Lingayen the Royal Hacienda used to have its houses of revenue tax of the Wine and Tobacco monopoly. The Chinese meztizos had a very active commerce there aside from maintaining a shipyard where merchant boats and even intercontinental passenger vessels were built. Lingayen was chosen to be the Episcopal Seat in 1828.

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