Monday, February 18, 2008

Infanta Church 2

Originally a barrio Zambales, Infnta was known as San Juan in honor of the Patron Saint of the barrio. It was organized into a town in 1878, under the patronage of San Felipe. The poblacion then was located in barrio Nangalisan, six kilometers southeast of the present poblacion. It said that the poblacion while in this site was often ransacked and plundered and so for security reasons it was moved to its present site in 1892. Since then, the town has been called Infanta.

The church of the town is dedicated to St. John the Evangelist. Constructed in 1897, its measures approximately 7 meters wide and 10 meters long. Its walls were made of coconut leaves and its roof of cogon grass. It had no ground flooring. Ten years later, the ground floor area was enlarge while galvanized iron roofing replaced the cogon grass. Unfortunately a strong typhoon wrecked the church.

Reconstruction was made with whatever available materials were salvaged after the typhoon. The construction of a semi-permanent church began in 1934. In 1969, hollow blocks replaced the adobe walling of the church and given the designed that it has today.

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