Monday, February 18, 2008

Umingan Church

Umingan as a parish began in 1845 under the Franciscan Order. The first church built by the Spanish Missionaries was destroyed by the Spanish-American War. For a long time Umingan had no church of its own and the spiritual needs of the people were attended to by the parish priest of San Quintin and Tayug and in borrowed, unoccupied rice granary. Finally, a church was put up through contributions of the townspeople and a counterpart coming from the Diocese. However, World War II broke out and this newly built church as bombed by the Japanese in 1941.

In 1945, during liberation, Rev. Fr. Hidulfo Gabriel began the rebuilding of the church. The present church is the cumulative product of the efforts of the different parish priests assigned in Umingan after the liberation beginning with Rev. Fr. Hidulfo Gabriel down to Rev. Fr. Geronimo Marcelino, the present parish priest.

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