Monday, February 18, 2008

Aguilar Church

This town, form by cattle owners who established their settlement in the place, formerly was a part of San Carlos and was erected civilly on July 16, 1805. On May 9, 1806, the election of the first Minister of Justice was made. The Dominican Provincial Chapter of 1810 accepted Aguilar as a parish under the patronage of St. Joseph, with Fr. Juan Villa as its first parish priest. The town is named after Governor General Rafael Maria Aguilar.

The first church of the town constructed by Fr. Vila was of light materials and did not last for long. Fr. Pons began the constuction of a new church in 1809. Fr. Benito Sanchez Fraga, often called the second founder of Aguilar, started to cement the actual church and tower in 1846. Transferred to Manaoag, he was unable to finish the job which was continued by Frs. Ramon Dumlau and Francisco Treserra and completed by
Fr. Pedro Villanova. It was repaired by Fr. Victor Herrero, The church is 66.40 meters long and 15.73 meters wide.
Fr. Juan Manzano started the cementing of the convent in 1832. It was continued by Fr. Nicolas Fuentes and completed by Fr. P. Fraga in 1839. Under the supervision of this priest the brick-tribunal of the town was also constructed.

Fr. P. Gallego constructed a school for boys in 1868 and a school for girls in 1872. In 1945 the church escape further destruction when the bombs found at the main altar of the church did not explode.

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