Monday, February 18, 2008

San Fabian Church

The creation of San Fabian into a town and parish was made through the efforts of the Dominican Provincial who petitioned the Province as early as January 9, 1716, to that effect. The provincial Chapter of the Dominican Order in 1718 made San Fabian as a covariates assigning Father Andres Caballero its first pastor. Before San Fabian became a parish, however, it already had a resident priest since March 21, 1717- Father Manuel del Rio (elected bishop but died before receiving the Bull) whom Father Caballero succeeded.

Because of its excellent geographical location, it is the common tradition that San Fabian was founded to serve as an Infirmary for the religious of Pangasinan. A semi-claustral convent which was converted into a public oratory before it was burned in 1856 was constructed in the town by Fr. Holego Francisco Ferrer in 1763.There used to be a brick building in front of the convent where Bishop Ustaris stayed.

Between the years 1857-1860, Father Juan Gutierrez rebuilt the church. The convent burned in 1856 was rebuilt by Fr. Ramon Fernandez in 1862.

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