Monday, February 18, 2008

Bayambang Church

This town with primitive name of Malungay was accepted by the Dominican Provincial Chapter in 1619, under the patronage of St. Vincent Ferrer. It was known as Malungay unitl 1741, when the name Bayambang was adopted-the name of the place or site where the old town site was transferred. Malungay, already existed as a settlement as early as 1614 but it was not established as a vicariate until 1619.

By 1804, the three-naved church of Bayambang was deterio rating and so plans were made to built a new and bigger one. The work was begun by Fr. Manuel Sucias in 1813. It had a cruciform plan. It was continued by Fr. Juan Manzano, Fr. Joaquin Flores, and Fr. Benito Foncuberto, but the work was slow due to many difficulties. It was finally completed by Fr. Juan IbaƱez (1832-1847), In 1856, the church was burned. It was reconstructed by Fr. Foncuberto who tore down the cruciform plan and built two sacrities. He roofed the church with tiles but due to earthquakes, he replaced the roofing with galvanized iron. Measuring 16.50 meters wide and 85.70 meters long, the church has survided to this day. The new church belfry is the work of Fr. Ciriaco Billote.

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